Nerd Alert: Why You Need a Geeky Guy or Girl in Your Life by: GWDate
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Why you need a geeky guy in your life


He's the guy who always walks around with a case full of reports, his laptop, wipes and a snack or two. His beautiful eyes are forever behind thick rimmed glasses and his hair billows over his face whenever the wind blows. His clothes are neatly pressed and though not trendy, they fit just right. She's the geek you pass along the hallways of your office block or college campus. Her skirt reaches lower than her knees and she wears long white socks with her black pumps. Perpetually with the upper tip of a pencil between her lips, eyes covered by sleek spectacles, amazing hair held back in a tight bun and buttoned up blouse, she is the geek who blows everyone away with her intelligence and then gets embarrassed about it. Often viewed as social outcasts, geeks are making a comeback and taking over the dating game. Just like the space warriors they idolize, geeks dating seeking are here to take over the relationship universe. Girls, guys and cougars are happily celebrating their invasion. Here are some reasons why geeky is the new sexy and the people who think so.

His cuddles are magical

If there is something that geeky guys are good at, it is cuddling. Sarah found this out when she joined a study group and met Ken. Always talking about his vision for a more environmentally friendly world and scribbling algorithms in his notepad, Sarah thought he was geeky but sexy too. He was too shy to ask her out so she struck up conversations with him. One thing led to another and soon they were dating. Ken had a problem expressing his feelings. So he chose their cuddle sessions to show her how he felt using body language and boy was he fluent! Sarah remembers how he was so affectionate and cuddled as though he never wanted to let her go. Being one of the college volleyball players, Ken's shoulders were broad and arms were toned. When he cuddled her, she would run her hands upon them and find sweet heaven. With this experience, Sarah is one of the women who know that geeky guys are the best cuddlers in the universe.


He is always clean

Clinton is a bioengineer. His life is made up of long hours at the laboratory punctuated by short breaks for nutritious juices and vegan dinners. Always hunched over his microscope or laptop, Clinton is the ultimate geek. He keeps his clothes and belongings extremely clean. Every woman he ever met thought that his obsession with cleanliness was weird and so they left. Eventually, Clinton stopped looking. So when Janet the new, pretty receptionist smiled at him when he borrowed some wipes, he thought she was just being polite. Janet had kept her eye on the geek who lives in the laboratory. She admired his dedication to the job, his cleanliness was so hot and she dreamt about a dinner date with him. So as she handed him the wipes, she asked if he was busy that evening. Clinton nervously said no, mostly because he thought she had asked if he had a problem. When she said, "Your place at 8pm. Pick me up at this address," and handed him a note, Clinton was so surprised that he had got a date. At exactly that time, Clinton picked her up and took her to his place. The moment he switched on the lights, Janet was amazed by the shiny countertops, clear glass and pristine furniture. All the clean surfaces turned her on so much he might as well have flipped a switch inside her. When Clinton let her in and closed the door, he felt Janet slip her hands into his shirt. Dinner would have to wait because he was going to be her appetizer. From that day on, Janet knew that geeks are hot because they are so clean, all the time.



She is always punctual

Rob is an investment banker. He closes deals worth millions of dollars every day. Therefore, employees worship him, management respects him and the Board of Directors favor him as their golden boy. He is a winner. But one thing he has never won at is relationships. His ex-girlfriends complain that he gets too agitated when they are late for something. Rob knows that his time is money so he is always punctual. He had given up on finding a woman who shared this quality until the new intern from an Ivy League university came to work for him. She was always on time. When he walked into the office fifteen minutes early, Rob always found that she had been there for an hour already. Somehow, her punctuality and geeky intelligence turned him on so much. Lina just thought that her boss was a busy man who wasted no time. So she was always at the office by the time he wanted or earlier. His powerful shoulders, inviting perfume and respect all over the building made her think naughty thoughts about him sometimes. So when he instructed her to come to his office at exactly 8:50pm on Friday evening, she knew not to be late. Everyone had gone home for the weekend. She went and knocked shyly on his office door. He firmly said, "Get in and lock the door behind you." On stepping inside, Lina was amazed to see two bottles of bold, red wine, candles all over the office and her boss resting with no tie in his big office chair. She immediately knew this was not going to be a business meeting.

She gets and contributes to your passions

Bradshaw is a celebrated quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. For five seasons, he has led the team to the NFL (National Football League) finals and even picked up a few trophies in his campaign. Thanks to his skill and fame, Bradshaw has a substantial fortune at his disposal. When he got drafted into his team, Bradshaw signed a deal worth tens of millions of dollars. His life and that of his teammates is characterized by luxury homes, sports cars, lavish parties and models who will do anything for fifteen minutes of fame. Despite playing along to the lifestyle, Bradshaw just wanted a lady who loves the game like he does. This was one of the problems in his life. The other is that his throw had began to suffer. He couldn't throw the ball as accurately as before and his coach thought that he was putting too much power into it. One day, the coach invited his family to watch the Dolphins train. Among them was his smart, 25 year old niece Vanessa. She was crazy about football and majored in mathematics at an Ivy League university. During training, Bradshaw threw a powerful ball that landed half a foot from his receiver. The frustration was killing him until he felt a light tap on his big, broad shoulder and turned to see Vanessa. She pointed out that he should change the angle of the throw 45 degrees to the left or right depending on the wind direction and the spin will take care of its accuracy. For Vanessa, it was a chance to speak to a hot, rich and famous football player. For Bradshaw, it was love at first sight.




Geeky guys and girls are all around us. Hunched over material in the library or solving the problems of the society in conferences, they are a bunch of singles who would make the perfect match for you. Take the time to speak to the geek across the hall. He or she might introduce some of the spark in your life and transform your dating universe.