Nerd Alert: Why geeks make the best dating partners by: GWDate
Date 04-14-2017 | Views  1807


Why geeks make the best dating partners


Geeks are known to be the world’s smartest people. This being the case, they are known to know a wide range of topics especially those concerned with gaining additional knowledge. They are usually able to master new things very easily unlike many other people. However, even with all these good intellectual qualities one of the things that geeks are unable to do is find lasting love.

One of the things that most geeks have been unable to master is the art of getting a boyfriend. They usually fail miserably in this area. Geeks are perceived by the world to be no fun at all. Therefore, rarely do people want to have them as life partners.

Inasmuch as this is the case, or rather, it is what most people perceive to be true; there are some positive aspects why anyone looking for a date should consider dating a geek. The following are ten reasons why one should consider dating a geek:



Geeks are smart

We all agree that if you are looking for a smart, sharp and informed life partner, a geek should be your number one go to. Geeks are really good when it comes to gaining new knowledge. They know so much and they are able to master anything that they set their minds into. While they might not be very good when it comes to love, they are always willing to learn. Willingness to learn comes top in most guys’ checklist on qualities to look for in a woman.


They are funny

Geeks are really hilarious people. Being funny requires some level of intellect. To create a good joke, one has to understand the other person, the situation even the topic. Not all people can do that. A geek is, however, smart enough to do all this and therefore may really turn out to be a rib cracker. You will however also need to be smart enough to comprehend their jokes.


Geeks are royal

One of the most important qualities to look for in any lady is loyalty. No one likes a partner whom they really can’t trust. With a geek, you really need not worry about this. Geeks are really not that good with making friends as most of them are introverts. It is therefore only logical to expect them to really value the people in their lives. So in the event that you chose to date a geek, chances are that you will never have to worry about trust issues.


Geeks have tuned emotions

The way geeks view life is quite different from the way other people do. Their view of life involves analytics and deductions. This means that they way every situation through logic and reason. The same applies when it comes to emotions. A geek is able to evaluate a situation logically before responding to it emotionally. It is therefore very hard to find a geek overreacting to a given situation. If you ask many guys, overreacting is some drama that they would gladly avoid.



They are mysterious

In most cases, it is hard to tell what a geek is thinking or what their next step might be. For those dating already, one knows how boring it can be when you are able to predict your partner’s next move. This is however almost impossible when dealing with a geek. You may spend your whole life trying to figure out what they are doing or thinking. To most people, this is great ingredient since you will always live on the edge anticipating her next move. It really helps to keep the relationship exciting.


They are frank

Honesty is a great factor for a lasting relationship without it; chances are that the relationship will not last. Dating a geek eliminates this factor. Stemming from their loyalty, a geek will almost always be honest with her partner. Geeks value the friendship they have and will be loyal to you. Provided you also reciprocate the same, you need not worry about being cheated on when it comes to a geek.



They are sensible

A geek is not the kind of a person will react only driven by emotions. They are not the kind of people who will just blurt out hurtful words just because they are angry or hurt. Their intellect can’t allow this to happen. They usually evaluate each situation before uttering a word. This means that they are well spoken and able to say the right things in the right situations. Who would not enjoy hearing this from their partner?


They are accommodating

Geeks are able to accommodate different people who might be quite different from them. They are also able to see things from a perspective different from their own. This means that it is therefore very easy to reason with a geek as they are able to appreciate your of thinking even though it might be different from their own. They are also able to accommodate in their lives people who might behave differently from them.



Geeks have big hearts

Lastly, dating a geek may be the best thing that you will ever do. Geeks are known to have some of the biggest hearts. They rarely hold grudges and are quick to forgive. Having a geek for a girlfriend may be the best thing you will ever do. In most instances, a geek’s greatest joy is to see their partner happy; most of them will, therefore, go to great lengths to ensure that you are happy. Who wouldn’t want to date someone who wishes the best for them?

The above are some of the great qualities that geeks exhibit. Therefore the next time you are looking to get in a relationship, you might want to consider have a geek for a girlfriend. Chances are she is what you’ve have been searching for. Dating a geek is something worth trying. You should, however, be warned because chances are she might outsmart you in almost all areas. However, if the love that you have for her is genuine, it might be the best decision you will ever make.