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8 Top Reasons Why Marrying a Geek Was My Best Decision


Some of my decisions in life have been true winners. Getting an education, recycling and always bringing more toilet paper to the bathroom when I start the last roll are all decisions that have worked out for me. On the other hand, my decisions to cheap out on bulk, discount laundry detergent and embrace the fashion trends of the late 1980s were more, let’s say, questionable.

By far, though, the best decision I ever made was marrying a geek. My husband is an engineer and robotics coach. During our marriage, I’ve missed more Star Wars references than I care to count, and I’m told the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42, but I’m not sure why. Beyond the cultural references that I’m just never going to understand, we’re going strong on our sixth year of marriage bliss. Sometimes I still feel like a newlywed.

If you’re geeks dating seeking, take heart. Somewhere out there is a great man or woman who knows why a geek is the one and only kind of person to date. If you’re looking for your perfect partner, channel your inner dork and go geek. Here are my reasons why marrying a geek is the best decision I ever made:



1. Everything In Our House Works

There’s not a single thing in our house that’s on our list to fix. In fact, my husband can’t stand if it he doesn’t finish at least one to-do project a weekend. If something breaks, my husband is on it. Broken toaster? All I have to do is look at hubby and say, “The toaster is broken,” while I slightly frown, and I know that the toaster will be fixed in twenty minutes or less.

The great thing about marrying a geek is that he’s a problem solver. He can take any task at hand and think of a way to fix it. That makes him great at problems around the house, yard work and even problems with the cars. We’ve saved I don’t know how much not having to pay for auto repair. He fixed my car’s backup camera the other day, and he changes the front headlights in his BMW himself, which isn’t easy to do. Yes, he drives a BMW. Geeks tend to have good jobs.

2. They’re Funny

Would you stop making me laugh while I’m mad at you!?!?! I hate when I can’t be mad at my hubby when I want to be, because I’m laughing too hard. My guy is a pun king of a rare kind. He has a great way of looking on the bright side of life, no matter the situation. His jokes, puns and nicknames are seriously funny. There’s nothing better than a partner who makes you laugh.

3. They Care About Your Happiness

Geeks are thoughtful and sensitive. They know how it feels to feel different. That makes them sensitive to your needs and the needs of other people. When you’re sad, they’re sad, too. They take your happiness personally. If you like it when your man surprises you with flowers, he’s on it. If you had a bad day at work, he’ll help you with the dishes so that you can get some extra rest.



4. Geeks Raise Little Geeks

Like I said, my husband can and will fix anything that needs fixing. He has a twelve year old son who has the geek DNA going for him, too. The son fixed my backpack on a recent trip and he also help me set up our new cable box. He was happy to do both. My stepson is smart, polite and thoughtful, just like his father. I’m lucky he’s in my life, too.

5. And They’re Great Parents

Geek is too harsh of a term. Perhaps when we say geek what we really mean is cultured, interested and polite. My geek is one heck of a dad. If there’s a project due at school, he’s down for some serious arts and crafts. When his daughter started dance, he taught himself how to do the best hair bun out of all of the parents, mothers included. Geeks don’t care about “cool,” and that’s why they’re the coolest.

6. They Want to Make Things Work

Back to the point about geeks being able to fix anything. Geeks like order. When something goes wrong for you, they want to step in and help. When you’re flustered about your day, expect a geek to really care. If your man needs to skip his night out with friends because you feel overwhelmed, the geek doesn’t think twice about it or resent you the next day. He wants your marriage to work and he cares about you. He doesn’t see your happiness as a sacrifice.



7. Geeks Make Great Thinkers

Another great reason that marrying a geek was my best move ever is that he’s super smart. If you’re about to do something without thinking about the obvious reasons that it’s a terrible idea, your partner can jump in and save you from yourself. They’re great at organization, so our finances are in order and we save up for major purchases. Organization helps in big ways and little ways, with everything from maintaining a family calendar to making sure we never run out of toothpaste.

8. They Don’t Expect Perfection

The great thing about marrying a geek is that he doesn’t think he’s perfect. I’ve never caught him snapping a photo of himself in a mirror wearing just his Jockey’s, not even once. When your partner sees themselves as perfectly imperfect, that’s how they see you, too. They’ll encourage you to be your best self, but in their eyes, you’re already just right.

9. They’re Partners

The number one reason that going geek was the best thing I ever did is that my husband and I live our life together. We’re partners. We laugh together, we share the bad things together, and I have a great guy to go through life with. A geek isn’t afraid to get real. He opens up and shares, and we work as a team. Each day, he wakes up and tries to make sure I feel happy and secure.

This geek is mine, but there are lots of great geeks out there. When you go geek you get a friend that you can truly be your authentic self around. Geeks always care about you and what makes you happy, and they’re funny, smart and clever. When you find the right one, you can start your happily ever after.